As a Video Producer for Timeline News, I told histories that contextualize the world we know today—especially the stories that have been overlooked, forgotten, or flat out erased. I am a one-stop production shop capable of managing projects from pitch through publication, handling everything from research, pitching, scripting, interviewing subjects, sourcing assets, post production, crafting social copy, monitoring KPI’s, and developing strategies from resulting performance analytics. Over the course of two years, my work reached the eyes of tens of millions of viewers via Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo combined. 
The impact of these videos on strangers has been incredibly profound. One of my videos helped long-lost relatives find each other in the comments section, while another created space for thousands of women to share their birthing stories (many of which had never been told to another soul) in a sort of collective catharsis.   

These aren't just stories‚ they're the keys we need to understand others and to make sense of the world we live in today.

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