A collaboration with Kaptain, an up and coming electronic artist. I took archival footage of a burlesque dancer and dipped her in rainbows and kaleidoscopes.

I had a seance with the ghosts of my past. Would you dare?

You know in Men In Black when it turns out the cat is carrying around a universe in the bead on its collar? What if we're just in someone's giant aquarium? 

She's made of fire and ice, never meant to be held.

Open Your Eyes

My first collaboration with electronic artist Kaptain~milk and food coloring were used to create the visuals.

Tessa Morris spins fire to "Satoshi Nakamoto" — Griz feat. ProbCause 

Hooper Amanda Lee (a.k.a. @misshoopdidoo on Instagram) gets thrown into a psychedelic alternate reality.

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